Back in the day, when I lived in Portland, they used to have a fun event called Zombie Kickball. It was exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of folks dressed up like zombies, haphazardly kicking a ball around in a zombie-like fashion. So, I'm kind of assuming this will be the same thing. But still....

It sounds like an absolute blast.... Get all made up, stumble around making strange noises and acting like kind of a dork??? Where do i sign up?! Well, you should probably start by checking out the event page on Facebook, put together by the Bangor Zombie Walk group.

It's exactly one month from today, on October 26th. Folks will need to gather up that day by 3:00p.m. at the Bangor waterfront. There will be some fun activities to start, such as choosing the makeup/costume and that kind of thing. But in a lot of ways most importantly, all the proceeds generated will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

It'll be great fun, for a great cause. Plus, most of us have already watched too many episodes of The Walking Dead, not to feel like experts on how zombies move and function. That way, you can finally put all those useless hours in front of the TV to good use!

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