Remember when Bangor banned flavored tobacco sales to take effect June 1st.

And then it was discovered they didn’t follow the rules so had to rescind the ban.

Well now there on the way to legally banning flavored tobacco in the city of Bangor.

I guess the thinking is you have to start somewhere, but unless everyone in surrounding towns and communities is on the same page it seems like it might be less effective than originally thought. Just drive to a nearby town.

But that’s another discussion for another day.

Bangor City Council had to repeal the ordinance banning flavored tobacco sales after they hadn’t properly notified affected businesses about the new rule.

Well, now they have followed State law which requires a 30 day notice be given to businesses that are licensed to sell tobacco that they are implementing an ordinance that is tougher than the state law.

And they are going to implement that ordinance, and they now have sent notification to those that needed to know that.

The ordinance will be presented at City Hall on July 25th.

Comments will be accepted at meetings onAugust 2nd and August 8th.

And then, flavored tobacco is expected to no longer be sold at Bangor businesses.

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