Jaws made me think that Great White sharks would never be a thing.

Maybe it was my sheltered ignorance when I was a youngster, but literally, when I saw Jaws the first time, I just assumed killer sharks didn't live off our coast. I had no idea the movie was filmed in Massachusetts. Even if I had known, it was a robot shark. I figured animals like that were like hurricanes and poisonous snakes in Maine.

But, a quick search through my archives here, reveals all the times we've written about sharks and such around here. It's obvious real quick, that Maine is definitely a place where sharks like to hang out. We've had sightings, small attacks, and sadly, even a fatality in Maine waters due to Great White sharks.

Right now, there's a biggie right off our coast.

On the Eastport, Maine Information & News Facebook page, they're letting folks know that Martha, a big old Great White is hanging out just off of their coast, mostly over nearer to Campobello. Martha came right up the Grand Manan Channel and has been pinged because she's a tagged shark, one would assume.

What's kind of cool about it, is that folks in Easport aren't letting people know about it so they'll be alarmed, but so that instead they could keep an eye out for Martha when they're out whale watching. Or even if you're at the breakwater, Martha is moving around quite a bit.

There's probably a small chance Martha will go after a seal or something, and when Great Whites feed like that, they often break the surface and put on quite a show. So if you are over in that part of the state, keep your eyes peeled for Martha. She may just come up and say hello.


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