It feels like it's been taking forever.

Well, to be fair, it kinda has. It was only about a year ago that I first wrote about all the drama that was happening in Hampden over the Swap Garage. See, at the transfer station in Hampden, they used to have a sweet little garage area where you could take or leave items that still had some life in them, but were unwanted by someone else.

When Covid hit, obviously, they shut it down. The drama started though, when things started to open up again in 2021, and the Swap Garage remained closed. After a lot of back and forth between residents and the town, it was agreed that the town would place a brand new building in the area, and there was much rejoicing by residents.

Two years later and it's back, baby!

Fellow Hampden resident, Anita Louise McCormick, sent me photos of the Swap Garage open, and ready for business. There were already a few things in there like some tools, and yard items. folks have always loved this spot for things just like this. Maybe what you cleaned out of your attic, is someone else's must-have item.

Photo Anita Louise McCormick
Photo Anita Louise McCormick

The town is also looking for some people that would like to volunteer at the garage. It sounds like it's pretty light duty. They describe it as a gig where you just keep the place neat and tidy, make sure people know where to leave the items, and make judgement calls about whether items are acceptable for donation to the Swap Garage. The info is right on the Town of Hampden Facebook page.

Folks in Hampden are going to be pumped about this. You know, in life it's often the little things that get you through. This is one of life's little things...

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