Bangor businessman and Maine legislator, Joe Perry, posted on Facebook this past weekend about looking to finish running his Bangor corner store.

Perry owns Joe's Market, located on Garland Street.

Perry's Facebook post states his thoughts on owning his convenience store and maybe how to keep it going for the neighborhood:

After 25 years in the convenience store business I am giving serious thought to moving on. I am not looking for a realtor, but I think I may be ready to sell or lease the business. This has been a great neighborhood store for almost a hundred year and many people rely on us but it needs the energy I don’t have anymore. Would be well suited for a family or a couple both willing to work. PM me if you would like to know more

Many people responded with well wishes in the Facebook comments.  One commenter stated, "I thought you would be the cornerstone of the neighborhood for years to come."

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