With the reopening of Downtown Bangor's longstanding Benjamin's Pub on Franklin Street, it's great to see an old dog get back up and running. What's even more exciting for the establishment, and for those of us radio folk directly across the street on Acme Road in Brewer, is the new plans the business has in store across the river in Brewer.

WABI TV5 got the scoop that the pub is reopening their Downtown Bangor location, which they planned on reopening last spring but decided to wait things out a little longer. During that time, we here at Townsquare Media have been watching a transformation happening of the pub's upcoming venture on Acme Road.


Bringing a brewery to Brewer

The additional location they've been working on will be called 'Benjamins Brewer'. You would think it would be called that because it's an extension of the Benjamins business and will be situated in Brewer and that would be correct. But, it adds more meaning when you learn that it will also be a brewery.

We can also expect an outdoor patio and beer garden as part of the atmosphere of the coming restaurant.

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Pizza and beer across the street! This is everything!

The owner, Richard Clark, is also letting us in that it will also include a restaurant-pizzeria.

We here at 49 Acme Road, like, directly across from this new place, are very excited to hear about this great combination that will be literally 20 leaping steps away from our front door.

We have to be patient, though. It looks like construction of the new building will be taking place for a bit with plans to open late spring 2022, currently planned for June 5, 2022.

Welcome to the neighborhood, soon-to-be Benjamins Brewer. Your across-the-street neighbors will be watching and (patiently) waiting. No pressure.

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