The Bangor Police Department over the weekend issued a statement in response to claims made on social media that a patron at a local bar in the city was unknowingly drugged.

In a Facebook post, Bangor Police Lt. Tim Cotton said the department has received no reports of such activity. He urged anyone who believes they have been drugged to report it to police.

If you are a victim of a crime, please report it to law enforcement as soon as possible. This makes it far easier for us gather details than through the cluttered world of social media.

Cotton referenced one particular Facebook post depicting a series of text messages. In those text messages, one person claimed she had filed a police report after someone allegedly slipped LSD into her drink at a local bar. Cotton reiterated no report was filed with the Bangor Police Department.

Later on in the day, the Bangor Police Department followed up with this additional post, again confirming no reports have been received:

Anyone reporting a crime to the Bangor Police Department can do so by calling 947-7384.

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