Wings for Children & Families out of Hammond Street in Bangor sent out a message on Facebook looking for urgent items for a local family.

The post was published Monday evening with need for children's clothes and school supplies.  The post reads as follows:

Urgent need: We have just learned about a family with a baby/infant girl and 5 year old girl that have an urgent need for clothing and back to school supplies. They have to start over and have literally nothing. Little girl is 5T and size 10 shoes. the baby is just bitty, under 5 lbs and needs clothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated and can be dropped off (or we can pick up) at Wings 900 Hammond Street Suite 915 Bangor. OR any Wings office. Call Trish for questions or message us: 207-941-2988.

The Wings for Children & Families organization is a non-profit corporation looking to partner with "parents, caregivers, youth and providers" with a mission that includes quality case management, training to improve quality of care and presence in the community to create positive change for those with special needs.

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