It looks like you won't have to drive to Searsport to get your flea market fix this summer, Bangor.  It was just announced that the Drive-In will not only be a place to bring the family for a night out for a movie but the venue will also be providing space for a Sunday flea market.  Bangor area rejoice!

The Bangor Drive-In opened in 2015 on Outer Hammond street in Hermon with great community support.  Now, three years later, they have continued to provide the community with great family entertainment and are now accommodating for another way to bring the community together.

According to the Bangor Drive-In Facebook page, the flea market will officially open Sunday, June 17th.  Flea market Sundays will be an early in the day event starting at 8 AM and going until 1 PM.  Admission for the event will only be $1 per car.

Not only will you have a place to park nearby but you'll also be able to have breakfast, brunch or lunch while you're there since the concession stands will be open, with an expanded menu to accommodate your breakfast cravings!

Who can sell at the flea market?  For $20, You can!  So can your favorite local business including farmers and crafters.  Right now, the venue is offering the first 10 vendors who sign-up for each weekend will get a free spot.  So get in for free now if you're ready to commit!

For more details and to stay up-to-date, check out the Bangor Drive-In Facebook page.

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