Get ready for a night of Social Disco-ing!

It's summer, but it's an unusual one to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, so much in fact that simple things such as going out to an establishment to see some live music, or to a movie is a completely foreign concept. Well, in hard times people come through with some great ideas to give us all some sort of normalcy in our lives. All across the country, the drive-in is making a furious comeback. Think about it, it's the perfect way to enjoy a night out, and be able to be safe and practice social distancing at the same time.

How cool is this?!! Mark's Music in Brewer is bringing the legendary based Maine band, Motor Booty Affair to the Bangor Drive In, on Friday, July 31st at 8:30pm.

Motor Booty Affair has been tearing it up for years as Maine's premier party band. I defy you to go a show and not get down and boogie to their mix of 70's and 80's funk, r&b, and disco classics. It's a great night out, and they really get the party started, not only with the music, but they fully embrace the experience, because they dress up in some very groovy attire that is befitting of the era.

Tickets are $75 a carload. Not a ticket... the whole car. Go to and choose the Bangor Drive In as your theater.

Dress up. party like it's 1979, and have a great time!

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