Don't mess with this bird family or you'll have a Drive-In to deal with!

The Bangor Drive-In shared a family of birds nesting in one of their parking lots on their Facebook page.

Bangor Drive In via Facebook.
Bangor Drive In via Facebook.

The post included photos of the feathered family with a little back story that they are yearly visitors:

The arrival of spring has brought us these beautiful Killdeer Plovers. They nest every year in our lot during the spring. We have their nesting area marked so mom and dad and make sure their babies hatch safely. Please do not disturb them or the nest.

The message ended with a stern note to leave them alone but also with an added "or else":

Anyone caught disturbing them will be asked to leave the drive in with no refund.


According to, the Killdeer Plover is a common bird in North America and usually nests around water edges but also in wide areas like fields- hence, prime location at the Drive-In.

I think they just want to see some free screenings.  Nicely played, Plovers, well played.

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