Can you legally own chickens inside the city limits of Brewer and Bangor?

I never really thought about the laws of owning chickens because I never would’ve envisioned myself owning chickens.  However, as I sit here writing this article, I am the proud "grandma" of three baby chicks -- Private, Skipper, and Kowalski. Can you guess what movie characters they are named after? Haha!

This story started when my 7-year-old son brought home eggs from my sister's house and wanted to hatch them.  This is not exactly what I expected to gain from that visit but I couldn't say no to his excited face. After 21 days, the chicks hatched and my son became a "Chicken Dad"!


Then I got to thinking: Can I legally own chickens in Brewer?  I went online to the City of Brewer's website and tried to figure out the answer.  The laws are not written in layman’s terms which did not bring me any closer to the answer I was seeking.  That's when I called and learned my neighborhood is NOT zoned to own chickens. Oh “cluck!” My son will be so bummed to find out the baby chicks will have to find a new home.

However, if you live in rural Brewer, residents can own them. Here's where you can read the laws of owning animals in Brewer.

The little chickens on a green grass

Now, since I learned Brewer's law, I thought I would check on Bangor's laws regarding the ownership of chickens. The answer is NO - you can not own chickens inside the urban city areas of Bangor.  Rural zones, like those in Brewer, are a different story and you can own chickens. Here's where you can learn more about Bangor's animal laws.

So, where does that leave my son's chicks? Luckily, my sister lives in a rural part of Brewer and will be taking them when they outgrow their inside enclosure. We will make sure we visit often and bring treats so they don’t forget their "chick dad."

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