Despite the negative temperatures we've experienced in the past week, we are already getting ready for construction season here in the Bangor area with the recent announcement of the beginning of bridge work on the Ohio Street bridge spanning across I95 starting in February.

With that in mind here is a list of the most anticipated projects we have coming to Bangor area roads and bridges this summer.

Glenburn - Route 221

This one's personal for me.  I totaled my car on the Hudson Road about 10 years and the condition of this road - the terrible curves, bumps, humps and crowning- were definitely a contributing factor to this traumatic experience. It's good to see this road get some much needed repaving, grading, culvert replacements and ditching.  It is also mentioned in the DOT report that some work may extend into neighboring towns. Pushaw road and Forest Ave are also included for road work as well.


Ohio Street Bridge Rebuild

We've already gotten word that deconstruction of this bridge that spans I95 will begin this month.  It is anticipated for the entire bridge to be deconstructed and rebuilt for opening in September.

Two things are related to I395 including the Veterans Remembrance Bridge rehab and extension of I 395.  The more controversial projects of recent years is the extension of I395.  The purpose is to redirect heavy traffic from route 9, which goes through the residential areas of Brewer and Eddington.

Hogan Road
There is some expected work on Hogan Road including changes to the design of diverging diamond interchange on Hogan Road and Interstate 95 Exit 187 as well as Hogan Road and the I-95 Bridge over Interstate 95.

This year we can expect some changes starting at Center Street and extending north 0.14 of a mile to Alden Street. This roadwork includes intersection improvements at northbound and southbound Interstate 95 ramps with highway improvements.

For more information about Maine DOT projects in the Bangor, check out the Maine DOT website at

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