Check out this fun video taken at this year's Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race that made, what looks like, a fun time even more fun and perhaps a way for you to "go discover something awesome."

The video is hosted by an excitable guy with a sweet beard that has a hipster-Mainer thing going on that is just naturally intriguing to watch.

The video is shot with great quality and great production, including some overhead drone footage for a perspective of the race like you have never seen it before. It will really give you an eyeful of the excitement and bustle at the river's edge and action in the rapids.

There's also some great B roll of the racers, you might even see someone you know in there including an interview with one of the founders, Sonny Colburn.

And, yes, you will see Gumby ... unfailingly.  But, how about that flamingo ... huh?

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