One of Maine's most iconic rite's of spring is the competition and local support of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race.

For more than 40 years, Bangor braces itself for a whole day focused on this yearly race with live TV broadcasts, evening news segments, local newspaper features and, more recently, plenty of social media updates.

Well, our beloved canoe race is hours away and we wanted to get you in the racing spirit with a couple of videos that show the beauty of Maine, the visuals of the course and some of the people who have braved the rapids in the past.

Check out this video from Maine boating company Old Town Canoe. They have some great drone footage that gives you perspective of the race like you've never seen before and do so with artistry and awe.

Another great video to share with you is one produced my Maine Public Television showing the thrills and spills from the banks of the Kenduskeag at the 52nd race took place.

For all things Kenduskeag Canoe Race, check out the website.

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