A lot of you could relate to the clips from the roads of Bangor we showed you in our first video, so here is more bad driving in Bangor!

We realize a lot of these are just honest mistakes and everyone makes them. But we also want these clips to be a reminder of what not to do on the roads in the Queen City!

The first clip was a close call as a taxi doesn't use their blinker and darts into traffic. It should be noted there was a (appreciated) wave of apology after the fact.

The next clip comes from Brewer but it is one of many instances where turning cars don't yield to oncoming traffic. You will see 2 more clips in the video where this happens. In fact that is what happens in the next clip. The only difference with this one is the Orange PT Cruiser driver waved the silver car to turn first even though they were doing the right thing and waiting.

Clip number 4 is a red light runner! Clip 5 is a close call with a tractor trailer in Brewer, everyone got a good break check there!

The last clip is a twofer! The first car turning from the wrong lane is an honest mistake, especially if you're from away, but the white van was definitely doing some bad driving and once again not yielding!

Where do you see the most bad driving in Bangor?

Oh, and if you missed it, here's Volume 1!