Pay attention on the roads, you never know who may be watching!

Maine driving can be a very stressful and anxiety-filled experience, especially during the winter months. I will never forget driving home from work one day on I-395 from Brewer to Bangor. I was doing about 60 mph, when a giant truck flew by me, and the driver didn't bother to clean the ice and snow off of their vehicle, so sheets of it came flying at my windshield, and it basically whitewashed me. I drove the following 3 or 4 seconds terrified, but, hey, I made it out alive. Although those few seconds felt like a lifetime!

Avoiding cleaning off ice and snow is just one of many mishaps you will see out there, and a guy named Matt B, took it upon himself to record dashcam video of various injustices that he sees on the roads of Bangor, and its surrounding areas. Take a look at the video, and always remember to drive safely.

Just as a friendly reminder, here are some common mistakes that drivers make, that lead the rest of us on the road to shout expletives at you. There is no official ranking of these, because each one is totally irritating in its own special way.

1. Driving too close to the car in front of you
2. Not checking blind spots
3. Ignoring your side mirrors
4. Road rage
5. Not using your blinkers
6. Ignoring the rules of a four-way stop
7. Making turns into the wrong lane
8. Driving too slow
9. Not following merging etiquette
10. Riding your brakes

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