Things are a little different this time around on Idol!

COVID-19 has pretty much changed the way we do everthing these days, and that inlcudes American Idol. "Idols Across America" is a live virtual audito tour that hits all 50 states starting August 10th!

The fourth season will air next spring, but first they will use custom built zoom technology to do auditions virtually as they begin their search to find the next American Idol.

They will be accepting audtions from the state of Maine on Thursday, September 3rd. It's pretty easy to sign up for "Idols Across America" and to get your chance to possibly audtion for a producer of American Idol. Just remember that you must be between the ages of 15-28 to audtion.

Here are the dates & states to auditon. Good luck! Who knows, maybe someone from Maine will be able to perform in front of Katy, Luke and Lionel next season.

Delaware, Florida, and Ohio (Aug. 10)

Louisiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin (Aug. 12)

Arizona, Oregon, and Washington (Aug. 14)

Georgia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Rhode Island (Aug. 16)

Open Call Auditions (Aug. 17)

Alabama, Arkansas, and Kansas (Aug. 18)

Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah (Aug. 20)

Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas (Aug. 22)

Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia (Aug. 24)

Open Call Auditions (Aug. 25)

Iowa, Mississippi, and Oklahoma (Aug. 26)

Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota (Aug. 28)

Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York (Aug. 30)

Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming (Sep. 1)

Maine, South Carolina, and West Virginia (Sep. 3)

Alaska, California, and Hawai‘i (Sep. 5)

Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania (Sep. 7)

Massachusnt (Sep. 9)etts, North Carolina, and Vermomt (Sep. 9)

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