Video of an alleged car burglar has prompted a reminder from Bangor Police to keep vehicle doors locked.

The man was caught on video looking into vehicles on Fruit Street in Bangor. He can be seen popping open the door of a car, in order to trigger the interior light, and then checking out whether there's anything worth stealing. When he finds nothing there, he moves on to a pickup parked next to it. His swaggering gait suggests that he was under the influence of some sort of substance.

Police say this is the typical routine for car burglars. They rarely break windows to enter vehicles but, instead, look for unlocked doors. Usually, they grab what's visible, rather than climbing into cars to look around, but there's always the possibility that they will rifle through, if there's a certain amount of privacy to the location. Bottom line, they want to snatch what they can and leave, before anyone notices them near the vehicle.

Protecting yourself against these types of burglaries involves some simple, common sense steps. Keep your vehicle locked at all times. Take any valuables out of the vehicle when you leave it, including wallet/purse, credit cards, checkbooks, electronics like cellphones and computers, and even CD's. If there are items you want to leave in the vehicle, consider locking them up in the trunk.

Anyone who thinks they know the Fruit Street burglar is asked to send an email to

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