Wow, talk about the marketing labor of love.

Dan Giguere was inspired by the television show “Treehouse Masters” when he came up with the perfect idea for his sugarhouse in Maine, according to  Back in the 1950s, the previous owners of the mountainside in Auburn had a small train that would take customers up the hill to get their syrup, the news station stated.

And in past years, Giguere had to carry gallons of the rich sap up a long road, the news outlet reported, and the location of his newly designed Treehouse Steam Engine sugarhouse is located at the bottom of the hill.

Giguere told WMTW, “The idea with the future is gravity is going to take over and everything is going to come to me.  I won’t have to be doing any lugging anymore.”

Once the Train Treehouse sugarhouse is completed, it is sure to be a fun attraction and will be easily accessible located just off Old Danville Road. It will be easy to spot once the sap is boiling. Giguere designed the Treehouse Steam Engine sugarhouse for the steam to come out of the top of the steam engine just like a real one, the news station reported.

I think this is such a cool idea, and I am looking forward to testing out his Treehouse Brand Maple Syrup.

Instead of just be a roadside stand, it’s going to be a real experience once this treehouse is complete.

Giguere is not stopping at just building the replica engine sugarhouse, as he has aspirations to add more train cars to his steam engine, including a dining car, the news station noted.

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