Some say “Mondays suck."  Certainly there have been numerous songs written about Mondays. Agreed, it’s usually the most difficult day to get motivated at work.  But there is nothing we can do about that other than to persevere and try to sneak out early.

Monday Monday Can't trust that day. There is a Zippia survey floating around about the degree of difficulty Monday presents ranked by states. For what it’s worth -- and that isn’t even a cup of coffee to get the head clear and the body moving for Monday -- the states the hate Mondays the most are Idaho, Montana and Utah.  States that have the least problems with Mondays are Vermont, New Jersey and Alaska.  Number four on the list of suck-it-up buttercup and just deal with it, Maine.

Easy to agree. We’re all adults here. Yeah it’s Monday, but get over it. Let’s just do it and forget about how tough it is.

Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor
Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor

However, here’s some food for thought. How much salary would you give up to have one Monday off every month all year, every year.  Hold on, right, got to think about this for a few minutes. Especially if you get to think about it when you’re supposed to be working.

If it was just giving up that day’s pay, that would be fair. Of course, one has to figure out if you can afford that. Maybe if there was a raise coming -- yeah right -- you could negotiate giving back part of the raise for the additional one day off each month. Worth considering if you love a three-day weekend every single month of the year.

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