Apparently, Wikipedia needs to update their Jonesboro entry because the only notable people listed include politician Nathaniel Farnsworth and actor Tom Selleck.  First of all, Tom Selleck?  But, second of all, the entry is missing four pretty special young ladies who have been working hard on trying to build a dream.

Jonesboro Elementary School has been posting about a group of girls who attend the school who collectively call themselves '4 Girls and A Goal'.  Since the fall of 2019, these four girls, Vanna Smith, Evelyn Leahy, Claire Leahy and Aynslee Emery have been busting butt to raise money for a new playground for their school.

You can imagine their fundraising has been difficult during the pandemic.  They even halted fundraising to be cautious with the lockdowns last year.  But, since the new school year began, their dreams have not been thwarted.

In fact, they found the 'Dream Playground' that all their fundraising efforts will buy.  Their playground will include bridges, ladders, slides, monkey bars and all kinds of fun for any kid.  They did get a discount (Mainer through and through, right there)  but still need to raise about $17,000 more.

All together, they are looking to raise about $37,000 and so far have raised $20,000.

The other thing is that the quote for $37,000 (discount included) is only good until April so, we gotta get on this!

More recently, their fundraising efforts have included a dishcloth selling fundraiser, a succulent garden fundraiser, a stocking stuffer nail kit fundraiser.

If you would like to help out with the girls' cause to get their school a new playground, follow the Jonesboro Elementary School Facebook page for their upcoming fundraisers or message to donate.

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