It is being revealed that the Town of Hudson, despite being months since the election, has come across some anomalies in their election results.

Today, we will see the corrected changes due to 240 missed absentee ballots that were counted prior to Election Day but not included in the final tally.

Hudson has an estimated population of 1,535 residents, according to the 2010 census.  Despite the missed ballots, this discrepancy isn't expected to change the results of any of the 2020 races voted on.

A public proceeding is expected to take place at 10 AM Monday morning at the Hudson Town Office to 'reopen election materials' and run a new report on the materials.

Maine's newly appointed Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, stated in a press release that noting and correcting discrepancies is a part of the election process that includes sifting through a lot of incoming information, ""For anyone wondering if your vote counts, this is reassurance that it most certainly does. There is a lot of data-gathering that happens after each election, and when we notice a discrepancy, we make sure it is addressed."

Last year's General Election was the first time absentee ballots were processed earlier than election day by Hudson Town Clerk Laurie Saunders.  The early processing was due to the increased amount of pre-Election Day ballots in response to the pandemic.

A new amended tally will be prepared and submitted to the Governor once a new count is processed by the Warden and two election clerks (one Republican, one Democrat).

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