Demi Lovato shared her candid thoughts about the 2020 presidential election.

While valid ballots are still actively being counted, the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump still remains too close to call, but the "Anyone" singer is disappointed that it's even this close of a race to begin with.

On Wednesday (November 4), Lovato wrote about how the election has turned into a nail-biter—even in the wake of a mismanaged pandemic, during which more than 200,000 American lives were lost, and countless socially charged protests over the past four years. "Kind of terribly sad how close this election was," she tweeted. "After this year and especially this summer it should’ve been a landslide. I don’t get it. Truly."

But Lovato remains optimistic: "I’m not losing hope. My faith is strong. Just very disappointed at how close this is. Like.... really y’all?"

Lovato also wrote about her reaction to her latest single, the politically charged "Commander in Chief" being played outside the White House the day of the election (November 3).

"This is incredibly powerful," she began. "Having my song blare outside the White House on election day is so meaningful and moving to me. This is why we made this song." She also thanked her co-writers on the song before adding that she hopes that Trump heard the song.

Lovato has shared countless voting resources with fans on her Instagram account over the last week.

See her Instagram Stories, below.

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