So it's just my humble opinion, but when news came out earlier this week that Disney was planning a remake of the classic 90's Christmas movie, Home Alone, I thought it was a joke. Seriously. Why would anyone even dare to remake such an iconic movie? And who could ever possibly replace Macauly Culkin as Kevin McCallister? Inconceivable! Or Joe Pesci and Danile Stern's Harry and Marv? Did they not learn their lesson when Home Alone 3 and 4 flopped and went straight to video?! I did not believe it.

But it is, in fact, all too real. Disney execs confirmed the news, adding that it will be one of a few other movies getting the official "reimaging" treatment. Again, I say, why? Why do we have to do this again? For a company that revolutionized maximizing on imagination, have they none left?

Despite my sadness over the prospect of someone screwing up a childhood favorite of mine, I did get a hearty laugh out of the Macaulay Culkin's response via his Twitter account. As you can see in the video below from Entertainment Tonight, I think his response was brilliant.

Last year's release of the Home Alone Google ad, starring the one true Kevin McCallister, Culkin himself, was the closest I ever want to go to a Home Alone remake. Ever.

Remember this?

Ok. So what about you? Are you down with a Home Alone remake?

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