The parents of a 2-year-old boy were charged Friday after they allegedly left the child alone to go to a morning appointment.

Police found the boy crying and alone outside an apartment building on Moosehead Boulevard in Bangor at about 6 a.m.

Duane Dunifer, 34, and Heather Kennedy, 28, both of Bangor, were charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a class D misdemeanor.

The charges came after officers responded to the scene to investigate a report of a two-year-old male crying outside of an apartment building. Upon arrival, officers were able to determine which apartment the boy resided. Further investigation reviewed that no one was home at that time.

While the officers were on scene with the child, both parents arrived at the residence in a cab. Officers discovered that the parents had left the child unattended to go to an early morning appointment.

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