It was only a matter time before we meet a more diverse, closer to reality group of super heroes. Except, this group of superheroes is based off of the hugely popular Marvel characters in the Avengers series.

With the coming of the next Avengers movie "Endgame", there is a new group of Avengers that speak differently, carry different cultural backgrounds than the characters we see on the big screen and sometimes cannot spell their own names ... or speak English.

It's a more down to earth version of the beautiful ... and whitewashed ... version of the Avengers than we are used to.

Hulk speaks Spanish, Dr. Strange is a tweaker and Iron Man lacks confidence and fills out his uniform... if you know what I mean.  Check out an alternative to The Avengers that you know in their "Ghetto" state.

Enjoy, the Ghetto Avengers!

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