Brothers-in-law Matt Clark and Matt Grondin, spent this past Saturday completing their first ever road rally to visit every single Pat's Pizza location in the state of Maine!

Kicking off their tour in Presque Isle at 7 a.m., the pair then traveled southward, crisscrossing the state till they reached the Pat's Pizza at the Old Port in Portland at about 12:30 a.m on Sunday. Completing 17 stops in all, the pair certainly ate their fill throughout the day. But they ultimately embarked on this journey with the goal of raising money and awareness for those who don't get enough to eat.

According to Matt Clark, this is something they had talked about doing for years and thought it would be a fun challenge. With the help of Clark's step brother, Fred, the group set up a Facebook  page, PatStop24, to chronicle the journey, and also give folks a way to donate.

So far, Clark says the Matts' trip to the Pat's raised over a $1,200 dollars for the Good Shepard Food Bank. He says donations are still coming in, and people who are interested in adding to the pot can do so via the PatStop24 Facebook page.

The pair said there were many highlights throughout their trip, most of which came by way of friends and family meeting up with them at the various Pat's locations. They also got to visit some of the Pat's for the first time, which was a thrill! Believe it or not, Clark's favorite dish wasn't pizza at all, but an Italian sandwich he got at the Pat's in Auburn.

Clark says he wouldn't be surprised if the group did another Pat's Road Rally in the future, perhaps when a new restaurant opens up, so they could put a new twist on it.

For now, they're just happy to be full of pizza, memories, and pride of a good deed done well!

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