Check out this Bangor area young inventor making waves to help those with diabetes!

8th grader, Morgan LaRochelle, of Hermon, came home with two awards from the 4th Annual Invention Convention U.S. Nationals in Dearborn, Michigan recently.

She traveled to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation to compete alongside kids kindergarten through 12th grade from across the United States and the world.  She was among 500 other award-winning students coming up with innovations that could change how we care for our health or how we alter products to reduce waste in our environment.

The convention took place May 30-31 and Morgan's invention was to help with testing blood glucose for diabetics.

The invention is called "B.G.T.S.D," or Blood Glucose Test Strip Dispenser.  It takes current testing to a more accurate level where you don't handle the strips with your hands, reducing inadvertent and inaccurate results of your blood sugar level.

What awards did she come home with? A Young Visioneer Award, and 2nd Place in the 8th Grade category.

According to the Invention Convention, the event is a great way for kids to think creatively and scientifically to put their ideas into changing the world:

Invention Convention provides students in grades K-12 an interactive and interdisciplinary opportunity to use the invention process to create and pitch an original product at a national convention. More than 120,000 students from across 23 states and representing four countries, competed for a chance to participate in the national event this year.

Here's a video about this year's competition and actually features Morgan's invention in the first clip.

Here's when Morgan's name was announced at the Invention Convention U.S. National Competition Awards.

Great job, Morgan!  You make Maine proud!

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