We Mainer's love our yard sales and every year the University of Maine hosts a day that really hits us Mainer's in the heart with satisfying deals that any second-hand item comber would find delight in.

The school will be hosting another 'Clean Sweep Day' where they have collected all of the leftover items left behind in the dorms after school gets out and displays it for the hoards of thrifters in Alfond Arena, allowing the public to rummage through.

I was checking out the Facebook post from UMaine Bodwell Center about the event.  The center is kindly keeping us informed but also allowing us a sneak peak of what's to come.  I want all the things.  Here's a list of the 6 (plus) things I'm eye balling (or if you speak Walking Dead "claiming") but also 3 items to make note of, at the Alfond Arena this weekend at the annual "Clean Sweep Day" at UMO.


  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    Miscellaneous Mayhem

    1. White Coffee Maker
    2. Sweet Digital Keyboard
    3. Stand Up Lamp
  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    Reuseable Water Bottles

    I am always in search of a great water bottle, BECAUSE THEY SOMEHOW ALWAYS GO MISSING.  I'm just realizing that I'd be buying a water bottle that may have gone missing for someone else.  And, perhaps they acquired that same bottle because their old one went missing, too.  Huh.

  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook



    1. Box
    2. Desk
    3. Column/monolithic

    Yep, yep, yep.

  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    Area Rug

    That blue one with the white strips.  CLAIM!

  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    Standing Fan

    Yepp- forgot a few fans.  I'll take those two.  Frig it, through in that crazy a** lamp.  But DO NOT tempt me with the mini fridges.  Serious.

  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    Organization Stuff


    Nothing gets me more excited than containers that organize things... and then, there are so many things to organize so you always need more organizers.  I'm crying right now.  Cry pretty, cry pretty.

  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    MAKE NOTE OF: The Classic Black Futon

    Again, I'm not sure I want the black futon but it does make me wonder if anybody else has this: when you look at something and it reminds you of something that you can't quite put your finger on, perhaps conjuring up some icky feels from your past, perhaps projecting your icky feels onto the object you're looking at without any real sense of why you feel that way.

    Well, that's how I feel right now.

  • Photo from UMaine Bodwell Center via Facebook

    MAKE NOTE OF: The Other Classic Black Futon

    K- anyone else notice there was a Sheldon character amongst this futon's sitters?

  • 7

    MAKE NOTE OF: Easy Bake Oven

    The fact that this picture is soley dedicated to a young adults easy bake oven kind of makes me sad that someone wanted to bake so bad that they had to get one of these.  Not saying I want it but I'm convinced there's some sort of tear-jerker story in this little gem.