They're here and we better get used to it unless you can afford to have your yard treated, pets well medicated and your clothes DEETed up to the nines.  Some have gone as far to say that we here in the state of Maine are at the "epicenter of the epidemic".

Let's take a journey into the tick economy, the products based on the little parasites having every person in Maine wearing thick, long pants and long sleeved shirts during the hottest summer days and praying for a cold, snowless winter, for protection from the bugs and a possible reduction in their amounts, respectively.

Here are just a few of those products based on our worst enemy right here in Maine, the tick.

Giant Tick Plush Toy

Okay- this toy is intended to be used for educational purposes but, do they need to make it fuzzy so you almost want to cuddle with it?  I still see hate in it's beady little eyes.

Giant Microbes via Amazon

Kids Protective Clothing

Again, there are good intentions with this product but, wearing a suit simply to protect yourself from one potential bug out there makes me bitter.  And, these kids are having fun.  There IS no fun when there are ticks out there (points out the window), so this is not reality based marketing.  Those children should be crying.  That is real life.

DrFrid via Amazon

Vampire Ticks From Outer Space

There are a few mystical theories out there that continue as sort of mythology of modern times like JFK vs. Lincoln life parallels or even the Simpsons episode that predicted Trump being president but nothing chills me to the bone quite like the title of this movie.  Now get ready for this- the tagline of this movie: What will we do when the invasive species starts eating us?

I don't know- what will we do?  I'm hoping the human race survives this story.  Key word: hope.


Tick Magnet T-Shirt

Does anybody else sing MXPX to their cats like I do?  Well, in my defense, my cat Rocky is always coming home with a tick on his face or chin so I tease him with a little "Chick Magnet" parody called "Tick Magnet".

Well, here's a T-shirt for you if you are one of those "Tick Magnets".  Maybe you can use it as sort of a forewarning to anybody wanting to come within 5 feet of you to stay far away.  Or, maybe you just want to keep people far away from you in general, maybe you just don't like them.  If that's the case, you should definitely get this shirt.

Mystery Cache Apparel HQ via Amazon

Well, if you can't beat them (and there are a lot of them) you might as well continue to despise them while embracing the reality that they are here and they are loving every moment of it, Jerry.  It's a tick world and we just live in it.  Boo.