It was announced that the Miss USA Pageant will no longer feature the swimsuit portion of the competition, adding looks were not to be the focus on the competition any longer.

Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

The reasoning had to do with change in culture and wanting to focus on intelligence, talent and ideas according to their chair woman and former Miss USA winner Gretchen Carlson.

With that being said, why not keep the swimsuit section but instead embrace individuality and show a swimsuit that is so absolutely absurd that focus on the competitor is secondary to the swimsuit design.

That's how we should choose our winners, right?  Originality and personality.

Check out these killer swim suits that should have been a part of the now retired part of the Miss USA competition.

Man Bod

Uideazone via Amazon

Ugly Sweater

rainbow-rules via ebay

Cat Choosing Pizza Over Tacos

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Uideazone via Amazon

Dixie Cup

Uideazone via Amazon

Those are ugly, but, boy, wouldn't those be fun to see on the Miss USA competition?  Yes, yes they would.