Imagine finally reaching the end of your middle school life and looking forward to starting the next exciting step of moving on to high school.  You feel nervous about being in the same school as "big kids", learning some pretty tough subjects like physics and expository writing and realize that this is the step before becoming an adult.

Now imagine graduating from 8th grade with your school bestowing a bulletproof plate to put into your backpack as a tool for your safety while attending your next institute of education.

A plate to protect you from being shot while being at school.

WTFX Fox 29, out of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, shared this story also stating that the plates had been donated by a local company.

Glen Mills-based Unequal Technologies developed the ultra-thin Safe Shield and designed the 10-by-12-inch plate to be slipped into a backpack, which can then be used as the name implies.

According to WTFX's story, one of the children who received one of these shields as a gift explained their thoughts by stating, “I never thought I’d need this."

See the full story here or see the news segment below:


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