The government shutdown is over.  This shutdown is the longest one in American history.  Even though we are expecting another shutdown in a few weeks if politicians can't agree on a solution, Maine people should have a few take-aways from this event.

No matter your political viewpoint, these are the take-aways for Mainers from the 2019 Government Shutdown.

1. Maine Cares

Once the shutdown reached the beginning of the year, we started hearing about TSA workers and air traffic controllers around the country who were being furloughed, being expected to work while not getting paid.  Media outlets in the area began to spotlight Bangor jobs being affected and we all felt concerned that our fellow Mainers were being caught in a political crossfire.  And, we knew it wasn't right.

2. Maine Is Kind

The shutdown sparked many area businesses to jump to action to help out those that are being affected in the Bangor Area.  One local business, Moe's Original Barbecue in Bangor, sticks out as an early offer to those affected in Bangor to come by for a discounted meal.  Other businesses wanted to help and the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce put together a Facebook post to urge local businesses to comment so that all offers to those affected could be found in one spot.

3. Maine Is Dependable

With caring and kindness, Maine has proven it's dependability.  We want to help our neighbors when they are in need.  Whatever our political views, ultimately we all agree that our government employees, who we pay with our tax dollars, deserve a paycheck and consideration for the job they do FOR US.

Thank you to all those government employees who were furloughed and here's to hoping a second round of an anticipated shutdown in a few weeks doesn't happen.

But, if it does, expect the same caring, kindness and dependability that you do for Maine to be there for you from us Mainers when you need it the most.

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