No matter the time of year, going out for a walk is always needed.  There are plenty of places within a stones throw of Bangor to enjoy a scenic walk, in the city or on the outskirts of Bangor.  Whatever type of trail you want to walk, there are plenty to choose from in and around Bangor that can get you the quiet peaceful walk you are looking for or a great place to have a nonrestrictive cardio-enducing run.

There are a few places within the city of Bangor that have trails for you traverse, including walks along streams, in parks or in nature reserves.  Additionally, a short drive outside of Bangor can also give you nice walks on other rivers, conservation areas and lakes that can put you in the middle of nature without inconveniently taking you on daytrip that you might not have time for.

These local places are easy to get to by a short jaunt on I95 or I395 and can take you on both sides of the Penobscot.  They provide easy access to get a walk in during your lunch on a workday or help add something to a beautiful weekend day just to get a little extra out of your downtime.

Take a look at our list and maybe even plan a little bucket list for places to visit in the Bangor area for your workout, a short trip to get the kids out of the house or a quiet trail to walk your dog.  Convenience in time and location are key to this list, so, enjoy the extra time you gain while still getting a quiet place to enjoy a Maine experience, whatever it may be.

21 Trails Within 20 Minutes of Bangor

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