has a accumulated a list of attractions in the Bangor area, ranging from homes to museums, theatres to cemeteries, that users can vote on as the best in the area.

It is a great list that shows a great breadth of what Bangor has to offer like culture, history and famous people.  While we do appreciate the great list that has put together, some things listed in the top ten of the list are not all doable during the pandemic right now.

The original top 10 items includes the Maine Discovery Museum, the children's museum in Downtown Bangor that explores creativity and science with hands-on and interactive programs for all ages.  Unfortunately, the Maine Discovery Museum is closed for the summer to follow precautionary guidelines during the pandemic.

Additionally, the Penobscot Theatre is also included on the list to bring live productions to the masses with incredible area actors and great  but is also closed right now due to the pandemic.  Do know, however, that the theatre is continuing its presence in the community online on their website and on their Facebook.  So you can have some Penobscot Theatre in your life, just not in person just yet.

So, what's left?  Plenty.

Here is a COVID-19 version of's top attractions for the Bangor area of the top 10 attractions voted on the website.  A list of things to do in Bangor that you can still enjoy even during a pandemic.

8 Top Attractions In Bangor Despite the Coronavirus

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