Like some people I have no motivation running...unless I'm being chased BY ZOMBIES! This is going to be a blast! The Zombies and Witches 5K Run will take place September 6th at 92 Pendleton Street in Brewer.

There are three ways to participate in the race. Humans wear a belt with two flags. Throughout the race hordes of zombies will try to take your flags. If you finish with a flag, you're a survivor. Zombies obviously will try to take the flags from the humans. Witches get to cackle and run or walk while observing the zombie attack. The event site says 'your costume could be as simple as a green face, long nose, hat or broom.'

The funds raised from the run goes to the Brewer Youth Theater program at Brewer High School. They are trying to raise $120,000 to send 19 students to the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They get a chance to tour England and Scotland for two weeks and perform four times.

The race starts at 5PM. If you'd like to be a zombie, show up at 4PM to get zombifyed.

Call Andrew Maxsimic at 989-1616 for more info.

If y'all need a lunatic celebrity zombie, my services are available!!!

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