Being the Bangor station that provides you with mostly today's hottest music but also provides you with a healthy dose of yester-year's tunes with Back In the Cafe, we are providing you with a little music history of the 1990's, 2000's and this decade.Get to know a little about the artists that have shaped your musical vocabulary by taking in what has led to the music landscape of today. Behold... Z107.3's This Week In Pop Music History!

October 28th - November 3rd: See how Harry Styles, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Gorillaz, Santana, and Fifth Harmony marked this week in history for pop music from the past 30 years.

1998 - Britney Spears

Sixteen year old Britney Spears becomes a pop icon when she releases her first single "...Baby One More Time."  It becomes #1 in America within 3 months.

1999 - Santana

Santana's Supernatural album goes #1 in America after 28 years of first topping the charts.

2001 - Gorillaz

The animated British group's "Clint Eastwood" wins three trophies at the Billboard Music Video Awards.

2006 - Justin Timberlake

The pop star hosts the MTV Europe Music Awards and wins Best Male Artist and Best Pop Artist.

2010 - Demi Lovato

The pop singer ends her time on tour with the Jonas Brothers to enter rehab after suffering a nervous breakdown.  She leaves the rehab facility in January 2011.

2013 - Fifth Harmony

The female quintet release a video of themselves performing Spice Girls' classic pop song "Wannabe" at a gig in New York days before.

2017 - Harry Styles

The British singer is performing a show in London singing his song "Kiwi" when the audience starts pelting him with named fruit.  Days following, a grocery store decided to stop selling the fruit to younger people to avoid Styles from dying of a Kiwi stoning at his next scheduled performances.

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