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Check out this week's question below and see how the DJs (Kid, Sarah and Cori) answered below.  You ready?  Let's do this.

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Let your thoughts be known:

It's the funner summer! Things are re-opening and there's excitement in the air. No matter a hotel, camping or a restaurant: have you made reservations for anything yet?


Yes. Actually, I have a few that I like to do this upcoming summer. Hopefully some combination of a Boston Red Sox game, Old Orchard Beach, or Bar Harbor, and obviously I'd go with anyone that would actually agree to spend time trapped anywhere with me. So my options are limited in that sense.


Yes!!! We've already booked our family camping trip to the Maine Woods in July. My husband and I have also made reservations for a trip to Florida in the late summer for some friends' flyaway wedding. We've never done a traveling vacation, ever, so we are seizing the year and going big!


Yes. I made a reservation at a hotel in OOB last weekend, because I had to work a wedding down there. It felt strange and they were still taking precautions (they had a modified grab-n-go breakfast, I stayed for 2 nights so they skipped the housekeeping until I left, all of the staff were still masked.) So I was less nervous about traveling knowing that.

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn to answer this week's Z Nation Sound Off question.

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