Last summer, almost exactly a year ago, I went out into the driveway for some reason, and noticed a little dirt mound on the ground. I was literally about to kick it across the driveway, and I realized some it was moving. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was two little phoebe chicks. I wrote about it then, too.

I scooped them up into a box with a heating pad, and zipped them down to Avian Haven, a bird rehabber in Freedom. They were in decent shape, and expected to make a full recovery, though I never knew for sure. So yesterday when I happened upon another bird's nest, in the exact same spot as last year, I knew exactly what to do.

The only problem was, by the time I discovered the birds, Avian Haven was due to close in about ten minutes. I left a message on their voicemail anyhow, and luckily someone called right back. I was afraid I'd have to try and keep the birds alive overnight and make arrangements for travel today.

But within minutes I got a call back from them, and they were able to hook me up with someone in Bangor who could care for them overnight and deliver them to Avian Haven in the morning. So my wife and I met up with an awesome woman named Sue, who took them right away and put them with other rescued chicks she had.

Again, I was worried I'd have to help these three little birds overnight. Two of their siblings had already died in the fall, and they're sooooo young. When I didn't get an immediate call back from Avian Haven, I put a post up on the Maine Wildlife page on Facebook.

Within minutes, a woman named Amy who actually works for Avian Haven reached out to me and said she could also take them. She was just down in Plymouth. I thanked her ten times, and told her I'd made other arrangements. She knew the other woman and said the birds were in great hands.

What I love about the whole thing though, is  all the people that came together to help out these little birdies. A small group of people all doing whatever they could to help these birds. It's inspiring on so many levels, and frankly, can renew one's faith in humanity just a bit, in a world so chaotic and divided. Birds brought us together.

I hope those little chicks we saved yesterday make it. And I wish I could go out and console the mama bird that was calling out to them all evening. I'm sure mama was upset that all her little babies were gone. But at least I know here little babies are being cared for, and for that I'm grateful.

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