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Check out this week's question and how the DJs (Kid, Sarah and Cori) answered below.  You ready?  Let's do this.

Let your thoughts be known:

National Thrift Shop Day is August 17th.  Do you thrift shop?


Yes. I don't do it often, but i have been known to check out Goodwill in Brewer, down the street from the station


I love thrift shopping!  I remember when I was younger, I remember this one thrift shop in Brewer where I was so stoked to find a wig and old hats, like from the thirties or forties.  I think back and get the heebie jeebies that I would even consider buying something that could have been on someone else's head- maybe a lot but, they were some of my favorite thrift store finds.


Yes.  Pretty much all of my stuff comes from Thrift Shops. I rarely buy stuff new. It started because I was a broke college student. It kept going when I was a broke newly-wed. Now that I'm a broke mom, not only does it make financial sense, but since my kids wreck everything, it's just common sense that we don't have nice things in the house till their gone. Also, I kind of dig giving things that still have some use in them a new home and new life. I like the idea that stuff from a thrift shop has history. And I like that things from a thrift shop are often unique, and not cookie-cutter.  I love the thought that something that’s still got life in it can get a second chance, that the stuff has history and that it fits my budget! Pretty much everything I own is from a thrift shop!

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn to answer this week's Z Nation Sound Off question.

And, now, I just can't help myself.  Probably THE greatest song about thrift shops straight from the Z music catalog.  Enjoy some Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

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