It's no question that Senator Bernie Sanders has once again taken the Internet by storm. And no not for anything political. Simply for looking cold, uninterested, and grumpy at President Biden's inauguration. (Let's be honest, he was a TOTAL mood.)

And behold an iconic meme has been born.

Honestly, this is the biggest thing that has united us as a country in an incredibly long time and I am here for it.

One bakery in Rockport jumped on the chance to get in on the fun. LAUGH loud SMILE big just released some very special Valentine's Day cookies for the meme lover in your life, that also has a sweet tooth. Inauguration/mittens Bernie cookies! Complete with the legendary chair, a mitten, and a heart that appropriately says, "I Bern for U".

Something tells me these are going to FLY off the shelves. Order them online here for your sweetheart while you can. Otherwise, he or she may be giving you the same look.

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