Opening day for 2024, is coming for an incredible Italian restaurant!

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When it came down to choosing the best Italian restaurant in each state, they had to whittle it down to just one in Maine, which probably was not an easy task.

Their choice was Ports of Italy, which has loctions in Boothbay Harbor, and Rockport, is a classy spot with a big porch, serving traditional Italian cuisine, including housemade pasta, & wine.

After a long winter, tourist season is coming here in the State of Maine, so they are ready to open up shop for the 2024 season, coming up this Thursday, April 18th, serving up dinner daily, starting at 4:30pm sharp.

There is no doubt that reservations will fill up fast, so book yours here

The story of how Ports of Italy came to be is quite interesting!

After spending years working at Italian restaurants in Italy and New York City, the founder of Ports of Italy, Sante Calandri, now serves up authentic Italian food, but again, you will want to make those reservations early, because as you can imagine, this is a very popular spot for the foodie & tourist crowd.

Starting out at the young age of 13, Sante started working at the legendary Il Cochetto in Trevi, Italy. In his early twenties, he also worked in Rome, so when it comes to authentic Italian cusine, he knows his stuff.

His journey continued when he was 24, as he decided to move ot the United States, working at various New York City restaurants.

The his dreamfinally came together in 2010, when Sante bought Ports of Italy in Boothbay Harbor. Along with his chef Fabrizio Ventricini, they have been cookin up delicious Italian dishes, eventually expanding to Rockport.

Check out their incredible menu And their Instagram, where you can see their creations with some beautiful photos.

"Buon appetito" Maine!

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