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Let your thoughts be known:

In honor of 'National Boston Cream Pie Day' on October 23rd,

do you like Boston Cream Pie?


I love me some pie!  It's a great dessert... or breakfast!


Nope, all set.  The whole thing confuses me.  The filling would be better if it was more of an icing and I'm not a fan of the flakey, kinda tasteless pastry.  And, don't get me started with the chocolate syrup stuff that's on top.  The whole thing makes me sad.  I obviously care a lot about my pastries.


I love me some pie!  Because, it,s the best of both worlds--pudding and cake!


I love me some pie!  I do enjoy the pie. But honestly, like most people, I think I prefer it in donut form. The pie always makes me feel like I'm eating a donut with a fork. That's right up there with folding a slice of pizza and calling it a sandwich.

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn.  Whatchu got to say?

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