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In honor of 'National Vietnam War Veterans Day' on March 29th, do you personally know someone who fought in the Vietnam War?


Not that I can think of.


Yes.  My father was in the Vietnam war as part of the Infantry division of the army.

J Stew

Yes.  I used to work in a kitchen with a guy who got stuck in the wrong end of the “points system” in Viet Nam. Every time he got close to the number of points needed for discharge, they’d up the number. So he did three front-line tours. When he got out, he spent another two years in Togus learning how to function in regular society again. Now he’s quite the story teller, and is one of the nicest, most genuine people I know.


Yes.  I know a few brave men and I try to thank them every time I see them!

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Thank a veteran this National Vietnam War Veterans Day (March 29th) and remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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