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This week we want to know:

Christmas Tree: Alive or Fake?


Dead like my soul.


Fake.  I've grown up having both- my mom always had fake trees and my dad would always get live trees.  Personally, I go with the fake ones but do enjoy the smell of a live Christmas Tree in a home.

J Stew

Straight up...I'm lazy and paranoid. So, not only do I not want to take the time to water a tree, I also don't have to sit around waiting for my house to burn down. And, when Christmas is over, I don't have a million pine needles in every corner of my house. I know, I'm no fun.


I prefer live but I actually opted for the fake a few years back. I have a bit of OCD, and with kids and cats constantly knocking into the tree, the number of times I would vacuum during the day was getting out of hand. So until the littles are bigger, and the cats are more chill, I will sport the fake one. Also, I saran wrap that sucker at the end of the season and just carry it downstairs. Makes putting it up and taking it down so much easier! But I do miss the smell of pine!

Now it's time to hear what you've got to say. Alright, Z Nation, time for you to sound off. What will you have for your Christmas- a live tree or a fake one?

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