Every week the Z will post a question to all you fans about what you think about this or that. It could be a national craze or just a hot topic on the station for the week. You hear our thoughts on the airwaves and we're bringing it to the internet with our 'Tell the Z' weekly poll.

Let your thoughts be known.

This week we want to know:

Do you put anything on your banana bread (peanut butter, butter, mayonnaise)?


Yes!  Warm with butter.


Hell yeah!  Warm that baby up and slap some butter and peanut butter on it.  That's what I'm talking about!

J Stew

Yes. Well... Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. And I really looooove banana bread. In fact, I'm angry this question was asked, because now I want banana bread. With butter. Toasted. Or honey is my other go-to.


Yes!  I've had it with Peanut butter, butter and cream cheese. But I really just like it plain, usually. The more gooey the top, the better!

Now it's time to hear what you've got to say. Alright, Z Nation, time for you to sound off.

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