From today's edition of Bangor Facebook creepers...

Facebook can be a great way to connect with friends and family, or to promote a business, but it can also be venue for weirdos to send unsolicited pervy messages to women as well. I've heard about and seen so many posts that people have shared about receiving creepy propositions from random dudes.

On today's show, we read a message that one of my Facebook friends posted to their timeline from a Bangor area man who was looking for this woman's old panties, and sports bras (You can't make this stuff up) As you can tell from the audio posted here, we had a pretty good time chatting about this strange fetish.

We even heard from a listener who had an old roommate that got the same bizarre request. She claimed there was much more to the story, but it wasn't suitable for the airwaves. The fact that she walked in on this transaction of goods is hysterical.