Z107.3  wants to take the time to give you a little more information about the artists that you hear all day, everyday on Bangor's #1 Hit Music Station.

This week we put the artist spotlight on Surf Mesa.

REAL NAME: Powell Aguirre

BIRTHDAY: April 10, 2000

WHERE FROM: Seattle, Washington


  • Garnered attention through the social app Tik Tok
  • Used the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli to create his song ILY (I Love You Baby)
  • Aguirre was born in Seattle
  • He is the son of a jazz saxophonist.
  • He has been making music since third grade
  • He taught himself how to make music through YouTube tutorials on how to record and produce music
  • He started releasing music on SoundCloud while in high school
  • An accident led him to change future plans of studying computer science in a different state.  Instead, he was bedridden for three months and used the time to make music.
  • Aguirre's first debut single was a song called 'Taken Away'
  • 'ILY' was released on TikTok and gained massive popularity.  Attention gained got him signed  to a record label.
  • 'ILY' has won several international certifications: Platinum standing with the Australian Recording Industry Association, platinum standing with Music Canada, Gold standing with the National Syndicate of Phonographic Publishing (France), and Gold standing with Recorded Music NZ (New Zealand).

All information obtained by Wikipedia.

Here is a tune that will sound familiar to you, the Z listener.

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