Z107.3  wants to take the time to give you a little more information about the artists that you hear all day, everyday on Bangor's #1 Hit Music Station.

This week we put the artist spotlight on Regard.

ARTIST NAME:  Dardan Aliu



  • Also known as DJ Regard
  • Made a huge following on his YouTube channel
  • His song 'Ride It' was released last summer, in July 2019, and was made popular by TikTok and Spotify.
  • 'Ride It' has earned the DJ several certifications for his song around the world including Platinum status in Australia, Belgium, Britain, France, New Zealand and and Poland, as well as earning Gold status in Italy, Denmark, and Canada.

All information obtained by Wikipedia and his website DJ Regard Official.

Here is a tune that will sound familiar to you, the Z listener.

And maybe some that aren't so familiar...

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